Cleaning your produce


One of the most important places in a house to keep clean is the kitchen. The spread of germs onto your food is quite easy if you do not take the time to clean before you begin cooking, clean during your cooking (especially when handling meat) and clean after you have completed.

Here are some tips on cleaning your produce (and kitchen). 

1. Start with sanitized countertops. Wipe down all cooking surfaces with a safe anti-bacterial disinfectant.

2. Wash your dishes. Before you begin cooking, wash the dishes you haven't gotten to. Unload your dishwasher so that all of your cooking utensils and bowls will be clean and ready for use. This will also help speed up prep time. 


3. Wash the sink. Before you do anything in your sink which includes washing dishes or produce, be sure to wipe down your sink with an anti-bacterial disinfectant. Use a towel with liquid dish soap to scrub the bottom and sides of the sink and all around the faucet. 

4. Use vinegar to clean produce. No matter what, wash all of your produce. Even those you plan to peel. Produce has been touched by many hands and exposed to many airborne germs. Pouring a small amount of vinegar into a sink full of cold water is an easy way to wash your produce in bulk. Take care to scrub your produce with your hands under cold running water to loosen up dirt and germs. Vinegar is not only a natural anti-bacterial agent it also helps to dissolve the wax coating that is often on your produce. 


5. Use a garbage bowl. While you are cooking, the last thing you want to touch along the process is your garbage can. Keep a bowl close to throw away all veggie scraps or any trash in general that you have created to avoid having to touch trash can. 


6. Store away unused produce in a ziplock bag. I don't know about you but at MedChef we hate opening our refrigerator and smelling anything other than cold air. Avoid a smelly fridge by wrapping cut onions in a paper towel and storing in a baggy. All left over produce that can be should be cut and packaged to speed up cooking for its next use. Or eat the leftovers as a snack!

Hopefully these tips will help you to stay as sanitary as possible while you are cooking and help you to quickly and thoroughly wash your produce. Remember to wash your hands before you cook and wash them if you happen to touch any germ filled item (like your phone!)